2020 Tombsy Cup to be postponed

G’day guys, Tombsy here!

Sorry to say, but due to the pandemic of the coronavirus, we are not in the position to host the Tombsy Cup this weekend. Thank you for your impending support for this event and we will keep you posted of when it will fit into the calendar, (fingers crossed!) in 2020.

To all those teams who have registered, please let us know if you wish for a refund. If not, we shall hold the money until the Cup is rescheduled.



Welcome to the new Guns Out Website!

G’day everyone, Tombsy here!

I’m delighted to let you all now that we have a brand new website, which is all set to serve us going into this year!

The website was put together by Nick Wasiliev, and we’re pretty happy with how it is looking so far! More changes will be coming through over the next few months. For now, be sure to drop us a line of support, donate, or reach out to say hello!