Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

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Guns Out Spinal Foundation takes seriously the privacy of the people that both support us and participate in our programs. The regulations governing Internet privacy and commerce change frequently, and Guns Out Spinal Foundation therefore reserves the right to change this policy.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us via our contact page or directly via our email at 

Visitors and Donors

Guns Out Spinal Foundation is a registered charity with DGR Status, and as such, do collect personal information about donors in connection with their donation. If you donate online, Guns Out Spinal Foundation will never sell this information to a third party. Children under the age of 18 must not make donations on this website without parental consent.

Guns Out Spinal Foundation’s blog and newsletter is intended to keep interested parties informed of our progress and programs.  Guns Out Spinal Foundation does not intend to collect personal information from either adults or children under the age of 18. Children should never provide personal information on this website or any website without the exclusive authorisation of an adult.

IP Addresses & Cookies​

Guns Out Spinal Foundation uses plug-ins, cookies and IP Addresses to track information about users, such as site preferences. This helps us create an experience that is satisfying to our supporters. It’s always the user’s choice to allow or reject cookies by changing the settings on your browser. If you reject cookies, it’s possible that you won’t have access to some of the features of Guns Out Spinal Foundation’s website.

Links from our Website​

Guns Out Spinal Foundation provides links to other websites as a means to provide third-party information related to Guns Out Spinal Foundation, like press coverage, player biographies and other information. Since these third-party websites are outside the realm of our control, we cannot vouch for the privacy policies of those sites.